We've got A's for your Q's

How much does it cost?

Our mission is to make automation accessible, that means it has to be affordable. That's why we programmed Robo Esso with equipment right off the shelf. An entire Robo Esso setup will cost similar to what you'd expect any startup coffee shop would cost and will vary greatly from location to location. Our robots as a service model will make the upfront costs minimal.

When will Robo Esso launch?

Our first priority is to open our first location with our newest model this coming Fall 2020. At that point we'll be planning to open several corporate locations and start the pre-order process. Pre orders will likely be fulfilled late 2021.

Does it matter if I'm new to robots?

Nope! The robots used by Robo Esso are very user friendly and safe. You won't need to code a darn thing. Every Robo Esso owner will receive extensive training at our headquarters in Golden, Colorado and onsite training as we help build out your new Robo Esso.

How many hours per day is needed to maintain Robo Esso?

We expect no more than 2 hours per day, per location on avg. Busier locations will need to be restocked 2, maybe 3 times a day where slower locations will only need 1 visit per day. Daily maintenance includes but not limited to restocking cups, coffee, milks, cleaning milk taps, espresso machine and sanatizing surface areas.

Can I use my own POS system?

Robo Esso uses our own POS system that is programmed to send orders directly to the robot. Using 3rd party POS's is less secure.  

Can I use Robo Esso in my existing coffee shop??

YES! Robo Esso is programmed to work along side human barista's. This model is a great because customers can get that human interaction when ordering but also get the joy of watching a robot do the work.

How fast and how many drinks can Robo Esso make?

Robo Esso can make flavored lattes in 90 seconds, things like espresso shots and americano's, coffee orders will be even faster. Depending on the orders, Robo Esso can make 40-120 drinks per hour.

How customizable is Robo Esso?

We want Robo Esso to be able to adapt to any existing equipment a shop may have, also allowing Robo Esso to make specialty drinks that's unique to a coffee shop or brand.  

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