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$3,000 Down Payment

This is a down payment that goes directly towards your final cost. 100% refundable. Training and deliveries start this coming spring 2021. Deliveries will start based on pre-order first come first serve basis.


Robo Esso as a Service

$25,000 (Not including exterior)

$5 per hour the robot is working

Robot as a service (RaaS)

Training and equipment ships spring 2021 (March-April)

For now, North America locations only. International customers, contact us before pre-ordering to arrange training and installation.

What's Included - Franke S700 Espresso machine / Manitowac ice machine & dispenser / Tap fridge with 5 taps, 2 towers / Pre assembled counter top / 3 powder dispensers / 8 syrup flavor dispensers / Steam wand cleaner with xtra sponges / Pitcher rinser / 3 cup dispenser / QC conveyor belt / 3 sets of conductive gripper fingers / Robotiq gripper with extenders / Universal Robot and sleeve coverings / 3 compartment sink / Hand wash sink

Operational Support - Robo Esso will provide remote and in-person training prior to opening. Robo Esso will provide on-site installation support, remote technical support, spare parts, menu setup and exterior design assistance. You can use Robo Esso's recommended menu items or you can use your own consumables.

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