Our Story.

After owning a coffee shop and coffee roaster in a small mountain town in Colorado, it didn't take long for Matt to realize the industry needs to adapt and adjust for rising labor costs, high turn over rates and increasing property costs.

If the manufacturing industry turned to automation, why wouldn't the service industry? That's when Matt thought "You can start adapting and automating now, or watch everyone else do it." After 9 months of research and planning, another 9 months of building and programming, the first prototype was born (It's the versions you see on the site).

Then Covid-19 hit. The coffee roaster side of business was wiped out over night and it put the robot on fast track with a newer, contactless design. Launch of the go-to market version will be fall of 2020.

Matt Jones

Entrepreneur since high school. Notably co-founder of QRlicious, Buffawhale Coffee & THC University. The largest online cannabis school.

Gina Jones

b.a. in graphic design, tea specialist, coffee enthusiast, coffee shop management guru.

Freeman Lafleur

16 years of entrepreneurial, startup marketing experience. Videographer, photographer, maker/ shaker.

Dane Nelson

Mechanical Engineering degree from UCCS that has been working in industry for almost 3 years now and have coded for nearly 7.

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