Our Story.

Like many small businesses across the country, Matthew had difficult choices to make when it came to keeping his business open amid covid-19 restrictions. “The rule of thumb in the coffee industry is If you're not selling 200 cups of coffee per day you're not making money. Labor is simply too expensive, that is why you see so many small coffee shops, owner operated.” Says Matthew, who had to close his coffee business due to the pandemic. Small coffee shops are at the highest risk of closing due to the pandemic, Bloomberg reports that an estimated 7.3% of coffee shops will be closed permanently by the end of 2020.

“To survive I really felt like I had no choice but to try something drastic. I quickly learned how to program a robot to make drinks just like a human barista. That’s how Robo Esso was born” - Matt Jones

Using off the shelf equipment used by current coffee shops allows Robo Esso to customize it’s menu faster, offer more drink varieties and less expensive than any other robot coffee shop available today. Robo Esso’s goal is to make automation affordable and adaptable for small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Matt Jones

Entrepreneur since high school. Co-founder of QRlicious, Buffawhale Coffee & THC University.

Gina Jones

b.a. in graphic design, tea specialist, coffee enthusiast, coffee shop management guru.

Freeman Lafleur

16 years of entrepreneurial, startup marketing experience. Videographer, photographer, maker/ shaker.

Dane Nelson

Mechanical Engineering degree from UCCS that has been working in industry for almost 3 years now and have coded for nearly 7.

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