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Welcome your newest co-worker

Interested in hiring a robot barista? We're here to help you through the entire process. From menu consultation, robot programing, training and ordering app, we got you covered!

I want a robot barista!


Why Robo Esso

Coffee Shop Quality

Drinks made with the same tools humans use

Higher Profit Margins

Less employees = More profits

Always Working

The robot does the work so humans can be... Human

Fun & Entertaining

Everyone has a smile when they're served by a robot

What's Included

Automating your coffee shop or cafe is not easy, that's why we're here to help! The first step of the process after contacting us, is figuring out the menu you'd like automated. Then we order the necessary equipment and build out to your projects specifications. We provide you and/or your staff with training and you can expect a fully functional robot barista within a few days.


The Robots

We use three robots. The conveyor belt is used to hold and deliver completed drinks. UR5 by Universal Robots is used as the robot arm, along with a gripper by Robotiq. The gripper fingers are 3D printed by us.


Espresso & Ice Machines

You maybe able to use your current espresso machine or ice dispenser, or use what we recommend.


Taps & Flavors

We currently have a five milk/tap system, seven syrups and three powder dispensers currently available.


Ordering App

Use our ordering app to send drink orders to the robot.



We'll turn you/yourstaff into robot techs within days with hands on training. Robo Esso University will also be a great online resource.

"So awesome to be served by a robot. The coffee taste great... definitely a great experience!!!"

- Francisco C. (Google local guide)

"I love this place! The robot is such a go to! You NEED to come here!".

- Bobby Kejewski

"Great Mocha's! I've Never Had A Better Coffee From A ROBOT!"

- Hello Hello

The Menu

Customizable - expandable - 3 different milks - 2 extra taps - 3 powder flavors - 7 syrup flavors - over 700 drink options - Pastries/Food coming soon

Espresso shot



Cold brew





Chai latte

Hot chocolate



"You can start adapting and automating now, or watch everyone else do it."

- Matthew Jones / Robo Esso Founder

Colorado's first robot coffee shop. Opening SOON!

New location coming to Belmar!

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