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At our headquarters in Golden, Colorado.

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Why Robo Esso

Coffee Shop Quality

Robo Esso is designed using the same tools of the trade as everyday barista's. This allows us to maintain the same quality espresso and steamed milk you'd expect at any specialty coffee shop.

Higher Profit Margins

46% projected increase in profit margins with significantly less labor costs and real estate. Only 48sqft needed.

Always Open

24 hours / 7 days a week is a long time for a coffee shop to be open. Think of the night shifts who need that 2am pick me ups.

Fun & Entertaining

Robo Esso is guaranteed to make every customer smile. Watching the robot make the drinks right in front of you is mesmerizing and entertaining for the whole family. "I have never seen anyone watch Robo Esso and not smile" - Matt Jones

Coffee is Projected to Grow Post 2020

2 Different Revenue Streams

We understand that something like Robo Esso is going to disrupt the coffee shop industry across the globe. We want to make automation work for everyone.

Corporate Locations

Operated by Robo Esso

  • Direct to consumer
  • Revenue is top line
  • Robo Esso manages service and inventory

Partner Locations

Operated by other businesses

  • B2B
  • Revenue on startup fee and royalties
  • Partners manage supply and inventory

"You can start adapting and automating now, or watch everyone else do it."

- Matthew Jones / Robo Esso Founder

Coffee Roaster Turns to Robot Programmer. Read Our Story.

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